Let’s Make Sense Of That Super Intense Bachelorette Promo

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Tayshia Adams' journey to love is getting hella dramatic, and the promo for the Dec. 8 Bachelorette episode teased shocking information about several of the contestants — including frontrunners Zac, Riley, and Brendan.
Bachelorette promos always have to be taken with a grain of salt — this series loves a good fakeout. But based on the tears shed by Zac and Riley in the teaser, something seems to be going down with them, and Tayshia seems really upset about some events as well. Here's the breakdown of what to expect next week.

Who does Tayshia send home?

At the top of the preview, Tayshia closes a car door — presumably on an eliminated contestant — and says, "Not the goodbye I expected. It didn't feel right at all." She's likely talking about having sent either Noah or Bennett (or both) home due to their high school-level feud. She did seem to like the two men, so maybe she's just upset it ended in the petty way it did.

What's going on with Zac?

A lie detector date reveals that Zac has cheated in the past, and Tayshia can be heard saying, "Cheating’s nothing I will tolerate." It also seems like she may be referring to Zac when she says, "Every time I talk to him I uncover something that I'm just like, 'Hold on a second.'" That was said while a clip played of her walking off during a dinner with Zac. That could just be creative editing, though, and her comments may have nothing to do with Zac. Plus, her exit from dinner could be as innocuous as her taking a bathroom break.
It does seem like something gets to Zac, though, because he's crying in one clip and saying, "When you bring that into the equation that makes it really real." (This has always been real, Zac.)

What's Riley's secret?

Riley can be heard saying, "I have a little bit of explaining to do. She has no idea." It's unclear what Riley's secret could be, but if Tayshia saying, "Oh my, what in the actual hell?" was about Riley, it had to have been a big secret. Considering that she's already heard men talk about their DUIs, eating disorders, and complex family drama and maintained her composure, whatever he tells her may finally break her composure.
Riley even suggests that he may walk off the show, saying, "Is today the day I let myself go?" The promo ends with two people hugging and crying (it's a silhouette) but it could be Tayshia and Riley. It's entirely possible that she is talking about an unexpected goodbye with Riley, who it seems could have exited the series on his own terms.

Is Brendan the one who goes home?

Another possibility for the goodbye that didn't sit right with Tayshia is Brendan. He said in the promo that the timeline of a potential proposal was getting to him a bit (this process does happen very quickly, and it was even shorter for this special pandemic version of the show). It's entirely possible that he may self-eliminate because he just couldn't get there with Tayshia in that timeframe.
There are a lot of questions here, but fortunately answers are coming. We just have to wait seven days first. No big.

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