Appreciating Chef Owen & Hannah, Bly Manor‘s Underrated Couple

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Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor is confusing — and not just because it has approximately 1,000 different ghosts in it and the timeline is constantly jumping around. It's actually because you go into it thinking you'll spend the whole time spooked out of your mind, only to instead find yourself completely parched with thirst.
The culprit? Bly Manor's own Owen (Rahul Kohli), the handsome, punny, caring, talented — did we say handsome? — chef of the Wingrave estate. Owen left his prestigious job as a sous-chef in Paris to care for his mother back in Bly, so he took the gig at the manor in order to pay the bills.
He's basically perfect, and co-star T'Nia Miller, who plays his love interest, housekeeper Hannah Grose, agrees. "Listen, the man’s good looking, he’s tall, he wants to take care of his mama!" Miller told Refinery29 this month over the phone. "And he can cook. I mean [Rahul] can’t really cook for shit in real life. But he can cook!" 
On top of his ability to cook a delicious meal, Owen is good with children and has great taste in women. While the love story between au pair Dani (Victoria Pedretti) and gardener Jamie (Amelia Eve) gets the most attention throughout the show, that of Owen and Mrs. Grose is one of the most heartwarming and tragic in Bly Manor.
"Owen’s love for the housekeeper Hannah Grose is built on trust, honesty, and humor," wrote Nerdist's Rosie Knight. "His love for her is based on wanting what’s best for her. Where Quint literally kills Ms. Jessel to keep her close, Owen wants Hannah to fly free, to explore the world, and finally care for herself rather than just looking after everyone around her. It’s a pure kind of love that we rarely see."
For those who feel like they've been sleeping on Kohli, who plays Owen, the good news is that you can catch him in the CW series iZombie as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. Kohli also will star in the Haunting anthology creator Mike Flanagan's upcoming series Midnight Mass.
People on the internet are still trying to untangle their confusing combination of feelings — how did spooky season turn so sexy? (Also, give Hannah and Owen a spinoff, you cowards!).

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