These Are The Only 2 Tiger King Costumes Anyone Should Wear In 2020

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you binged the stranger-than-fiction true crime Netflix docuseries The Tiger King, then you may have a lot of ideas for Halloween. There are plenty of bonafide characters in the early 2020 phenom, but it's important to remember that most of these people are real people and not celebrities. But if you really want to pay homage to your first quarantine binge, there are only two that you can do with a clear conscience: Carole Baskin or a literal tiger king.
Baskin arguably deserves to be given the Halloween costume treatment since she’s milking all the Tiger King fame she can from her controversial Dancing with the Stars appearance, and her go-to outfits are easy to find in your own closet or quickly order online. Another low-effort and fun option is dressing up as the real MVP of Tiger King: a literal tiger king (as in, the only “character” we have true sympathy for). Both costumes are easy to DIY right before Halloween. Here's how.

Carole Baskin Costume

Photo: Frank Ockenfels /ABC/Getty Images.
One of Baskin’s most recognizable uniforms is her pink and orange tie-dye leopard print tunic, dainty flower crown, and blue jeans. The owner of Big Cat Rescue does not do subtle, which makes things all the more fun for us. You can find a replica of Baskin’s top on Amazon for $27, and a flower crown with pink roses for $8.
Baskin also loves her leopard print blouse, and you can throw this top in your cart for $9 next time you’re at Target. She wears this one with a purple flower crown, which Amazon sells for $19.
If you don’t already have blonde hair, that’s okay. You can get yourself a long blonde wig from Amazon for $24.
The devil’s in the details, so to really hone in on your Baskin look, make sure you have black mascara that really adds volume to your lashes (L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara does the trick, and it’s about $7) and make your eyes appear wider and consistently concerned with this white, shimmery liquid eyeshadow you can get from Target for $12. Top it off with your favorite pink-tinted lip balm. Fresh’s Sugar Hydrating lip balm in Watermelon, $18, is ultra moisturizing and definitely goes with those leopard print tops, but you can really take it over the edge with this bright Almay fuchsia lipstick for $6.

A Literal Tiger King Costume

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Dressing up as the true star of Tiger King is simple and, most importantly, super comfy. Depending on which tiger you’d like to go as, Amazon sells a white tiger adult onesie for $28, as well as an orange one for about $33.
If it’s still hot in October where you live, you can lighten up your costume by throwing on an orange tiger-striped tank (like this one from Red Bubble, for $36). 
And don’t forget the crown, which you can also get online for $8
Halloween is a time for frights, costumes, and fun, but this year is a little different. You can still do all of those things, but please make sure to practice proper social distancing measures, avoid large gatherings, and remember every costume is best paired with a mask. Refinery29 is your one-stop Halloween shop when it comes to ways to celebrate safely. Enjoy!

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