As You May Have Guessed, Siempre, Luis Subject Luis Miranda, Jr. Is Pretty Busy Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Lin-Manuel Miranda once insisted that he is the "laziest, chillest member of my family." He's not actually wrong. And the HBO documentary Siempre, Luis, about his activist father Luis Miranda, Jr., is finally here to make that as apparent to the rest of us as it is to Lin-Manuel. The film introduces us to Luis' political career, from his activism to a job as the director of the Mayor’s Office for Hispanic Affairs, more activism, his own private consulting firm, relief efforts in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, followed by advocacy and again more activism surrounding that tragedy. However, Luis Miranda's political efforts are ongoing. It's clear that the events of Siempre, Luis are but a comma in the middle of his career, not a period. And looking at the world as it is now, we need Luis. And luckily, there is a lot that Luis Miranda, Jr. is doing for the world right now.
While the documentary does make comparisons between Luis and Lin-Manuel's portrayal of American founding father Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton, this isn't a Broadway documentary. It's about politics, and lobbying, and how the fight to better a community — no matter its size — is never-ending. And that's exactly what Luis is still doing as I write these words.
Campaigning For Joe Biden
His political consulting firm, the MirRam Group, managed Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, and Kirsten Gillibrand's Senate campaigns. And according to The New Yorker, Miranda is currently working to secure Latinx votes for Biden. He is chair of the Latino Victory Fund which launched "Latinos con Biden," a digital campaign in support of Vice President Biden, back in April. Like many of us, Luis is currently focused on the 2020 election.
He may be handling it better than some of us:
Raising Money For Pandemic Relief
Beginning in March, the Miranda family raised money for the Hispanic Federation to help non-profit organizations affected by COVID-19. Miranda himself was one of the Hispanic Federation's founders, and according to the organization's official website, $3.6 million dollars in emergency aid has been distributed throughout the states and Puerto Rico because of these efforts. You can donate here.
Somehow Finding Time To Support The Arts
According to his MirRam Group bio, he works with The Broadway League, the John Jay College Foundation, the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, and R.Evolucion Latina.
He's a Political Commentator for Univision
After the first (entirely disastrous) 2020 presidential debate, Miranda appeared on Univision to comment on the evening's events, as he frequently does for the Spanish-language network. In fact, Lin-Manuel tweeted in 2019 that someone had stopped him on the street to ask him if he was "the son of Luis Miranda who fights the Republican every Tuesday night on Univision?" (and not, you know, the creator of Hamilton).
Getting Out The Vote
That is kind of his whole thing. And if this was the reminder you needed to register, here's a guide.
Being Proud Of Lin-Manuel On Twitter
You can follow Miranda on Twitter and find out what he's up to for yourself in real time and there, you will enjoy a smattering of proud Lin-Manuel anecdotes (and a few embarrassing stories) as a little treat. Luis may be a prolific activist, but he is still a dad, too.

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