Seth Cohen Would Not Approve Of Samaire Armstrong Coming Out As Pro-Trump & Anti-BLM

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Anna Stern and Seth Cohen had a complicated relationship back on The OC, but this is definitely something that Cohen (and Captain Oats) would not be down for.
Actress Samaire Armstrong, best known for playing Seth's not-so-secretly pining best friend Anna on the hit TV series from 2003 to 2006, recently posted a series of controversial Instagram videos, photos and long statements about her pro-Trump political views where she denounced the Black Lives Matter movement, essentially calling it all a conspiracy.
While she calls herself an Independent and not a Republican, the Stay Alive actress expressed her support for the Holy Trinity of conservatism: Trump, anti-BLM, and the police. (Along with much more).
“I’m voting #Trump2020, and this is why,” the actress wrote in the caption of an IGTV video. “This is MY opinion. I am sharing it with you at the cost of everything, because it is my right. It is your right to refute it. What I hope comes from this, is that we are able to have an open dialogue.”
In an earlier post, Armstrong criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it a "1 billion dollar domestic terrorist organization" funded by "white guilt, celebrity endorsement, and corporate pandering." She also urged her followers to not to join the countrywide call to defund the police, saying it's "not what [she] signed up for."
Armstrong also shared a post where she appears to revise a Wikipedia entry for the word "Fascism" to allege that the "Left" is responsible for authoritarianism that is more commonly attributed to far-Right movements.
She repeatedly connected BLM to Anti-Fascist Action (ANTIFA), saying that the movement for Black lives is an "act of warfare at the hands of Marxist criminals, ‘woke’ white, angsty uneducated #ANTIFA, who do not have the bandwidth to navigate an indoor golf course, let alone life.”
Armstrong's main gripe seems to be that she feels that people (read: conservatives) are afraid of speaking their minds, and wants to encourage them to share their "unpopular opinions" in the name of "freedom of speech."
Although she claims that she was "bullied into silence" by a "far left mob," the actress says she has a "deep love for everyone of my fellow humans."
But what may have verified her as a full-fledged Trumper was what she controversially quoted Trump: “As our great president said, ‘there are very fine people on both sides’.” But what Armstrong is trying to position as a peace-defining, "all lives matter" moment, is actually a reference to when Trump compared neo-Nazis in Charlottesville in 2017 to anti-racism protestors. Trump has repeatedly been condemned for those statements, and for supporting far-Right conspiracists who have attacked protestors, though it kind of seems like Armstrong is one of them.
There's a reason why Seth and Summer ended up together — just saying.

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