The Boys Is Officially Off Book After That Stormfront & Homelander Scene

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Warning: There are major, MAJOR spoilers ahead for The Boys season 2, episode 5 and The Boys comics.
There’s a new member of the Seven in town and though we’ve only just started to get to know her. It’s clear that Aya Cash's villain Stormfront is here not here to make friends, let alone play nice with the rest of her superhero coworkers. The new supe’s got more of a past than anyone first realizes, and she could also be the worst of the absolute worst of the supes — what she does is way worse than anything we’ve seen Homelander (Antony Starr) do. While the character of Stormfront is pulled right from the comics, there’s one major difference that, as of episode 5, drastically changes the character's original course. While in The Boys series, Stormfront & Homelander just had the weirdest supe sex you've ever seen (it starts with Stormfront telling Homelander to "laser her tits," before they have sex all over the room, in every position possible), Stormfront's relationship with Homelander in the comics is quite different.  
In the comics, Stormfront is just as downright awful as his counterpart on the TV series. He actually receives a Compound V injection before he’s born, and as a child, he’s so dangerous Adolf Hitler demands that Stormfront be killed — instead, he’s saved by the inventor of Compound V and brought to America. Stormfront then joins the supergroup Payback and is an enemy of both the Seven and The Boys.
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
In both the comics and the show, Stormfront is undoubtedly racist, and views others who aren’t like him as inferior. He and the rest of his Payback team are sent to kill The Boys, but instead, Stormfront kills every other member of Payback and then heads off to kill The Boys. However, The Boys get the upper hand on him and — like most storylines from The Boys, this will be graphic and gross — they kick him in the crotch before Billy Butcher bashes in Stormfront’s head with his foot. And that’s the end of Stormfront. 
The sheer fact that The Boys on Amazon made Stormfront a member of the Seven complicates this storyline, so we can be sure it will get even more twists as the season continues. But then there is the "laser my tits" session to consider.
That sequence might have you wondering what Stormfront and Homelander get up to the comics, and that’s where things get interesting. On the page, Stormfront and Homelander never actually cross paths because Homelander is — duhn, duhn, duhn — a clone of Stormfront. Oh yes, you read that right. Vought uses Stormfront to create Homelander, which means they’re two peas in the same horrible pod. That explains why Homelander is just so damn horrible. But the clone storyline is clearly not the case on the series as Homelander and Stormfront don't look alike... though, we all know Homelander has a mommy thing and never actually had, or perhaps more accurately never really knew, a biological mother, so who knows what kind of DNA twist could be coming.
In the latest episode, Stormfront essentially convinces Homelander to turn to join her on the really, really dark side (there's no such thing as a simple binary in the world of The Boys) by convincing the supe that he doesn’t actually need the public to love him. And now that, as of the final scenes in episode 5, Homelander and Stormfront are sexual partners, she actually has the upper hand — something Homelander is certainly not used to.
As of episode 5, The Boys is officially in uncharted territory, so any theory you might have pulled directly from the comics has gone right out the window. Joining these two together in unholy coitus will have dire consequences on the rest of the Seven, and The Boys, and just everyone involved with the final three episodes of season 2. Stormfront and Homelander are already two sides of the same coin — and now, we've got a very visceral visual to match.

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