Trump’s Party Theme Seemed To Be ‘Hundreds Of Wrinkly Flags’

Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images.
Last night was the final night of the Republican National Convention, and the theme of the evening seemed to be... hundreds of wrinkly flags? Okay, technically the theme was "Land of Greatness," which was apparently meant to reflect Trump's plan to lead voters to "the great American comeback." The actual theme is pretty ironic, though, because the many, many flags crowding that stage in the White House's South Lawn weren't looking too great at all.
Viewers were bombarded with flag after flag after flag, and somehow, every last one of those hundreds of flags looked like it had been left sitting in a cramped dryer for weeks waiting for someone (anyone!) to unload it, give it a few shakes, and fold it up properly for safekeeping. Hmm, perhaps, these flags are a good metaphor for Trump's idea of American greatness, after all — you know, neglectful, careless, and generally averse to putting in work.
But that's not the only flag comparison viewers were drawing last night. Many Twitter users pointed out that the flags were as wrinkly as the politicians in the Republican party and Trump's cabinet. An apt observation, for sure, though to be fair, American politics in general has its fair share of wrinkles.
Naturally, many were also offended by the state of these flags, especially since many people, not just Republicans, view the flag as a symbol of the best parts of America, and believe it should be treated with the utmost respect. Vivian Salama, national security correspondent CNN, took to Twitter to share that the wrinkly flags wouldn't pass official government protocol. "I've heard from two diplomats tonight who both noted that the flags standing as backstop for the RNC are wrinkled and would not pass official government protocol. So random, but I found it interesting," she wrote.
It's true, according to The Department of Defense's "Do's and Don'ts for Displaying Old Glory," that dirty, ripped, wrinkled, or frayed flags should not be used. Still, I, for one, have much bigger bones to pick with the RNC, Trump, the Republican party than these flags not getting a good steam before being displayed last night.
What is arguably even more absurd than the wrinkly flags is the sheer number of Star-Spangled Banners crowded onto that stage. Is this the Trump campaign's way of hitting viewers over the head with the fact that the president just loves America, okay? It's like they hoped that the aggressive wall of red, white, and blue erected behind the President would make us forget all the atrocities he's committed in the past four years, especially those that were unfolding as he spoke. Sorry to those event planners, but we are not falling for it.

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