Jed Wyatt Wasn’t The Bachelorette’s First Guy-With-A-Girlfriend — Just Ask Ali Fedotowsky

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Anyone who watched the most recent season of The Bachelorette knows all about Jed Wyatt. The eventual winner of Hannah Brown's season rolled up the show with a girlfriend... or at least a situation in which someone thought she was still his girlfriend, even if he didn't totally agree. While this was a truly awful situation for the Bachelorette, it's not the first time something similar happened on the show. During Ali Fedotowsky's season, Bachelorette contestant Justin Rego had a girlfriend back home, and the way he left the show has become one of the most memorable moments in franchise history.
Ali's season will be part of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! on Monday, August 3, and former wrestler Justin "Rated R" Rego is sure to be a part of it. But, the situation was pretty involved, so here's how it all went down.
Justin made it to week 6 of the show, which means he was part of the international travel portion of the season. The big confrontation went down in Istanbul, Turkey. Chris Harrison showed up at Ali's room and said that he had received "legit" information from Jessie Sulidis, who was a contestant on Jake Pavelka's Bachelor season with Ali. Chris then called Jessie, who told Ali that Justin had a girlfriend back home in Ontario, Canada... who was sitting right next to her. The girlfriend, who looks like Jessie and has the very similar name of Jessica Spillas, explained to Ali that she and Justin had been together for two years. They planned for him to go on the show for fame and he would later return to her.
So, why did she reveal this to Ali? Because after he left for the show, she found out that he supposedly had another girlfriend for the past two months. Two girlfriends and a Bachelorette? Jed Wyatt could never. (Or should never. Or hopefully wouldn't. Something like that.)
After the phone call, Ali confronted Justin in front of the entire group of contestants. "Guys, it’s been quite the road getting here so far," she said. "You know, Justin I think it's been especially difficult for you cause you probably really miss you girlfriend in Canada." Yikes!
With this, Justin sped out of the room as fast as he could with his walking cast (he'd broken his leg prior to filming) and ending up climbing into the landscaped grounds of the hotel in an attempt to escape. It's really the sight to behold:
Eventually, though, he came back and agreed to talk to Ali on camera. "I thought I was going into this with 100 percent of my heart," he said." But as the process and weeks went by my heart became less and less into this." Ali told him all about her call with Jessica, and the second (or, technically, third?) girlfriend, and said what he did was "unspeakable." With that, Justin left again and the Bachelorette editors brilliantly played voicemail after voicemail that he'd left Jessica while on the show. "You are my everything," he says in one of them "I want you to be my wife." Bold move releasing those voicemails, Jessica. That's a true reality TV hero right there.
After leaving the show, Justin did not return for The Men Tell All. He said in a statement at the time (via People), "Last night as I sat at home and watched the Tell All Special I couldn’t help but feel sick to my stomach. I was very disappointed by how low the show has stooped, I was mistaken to think that my exit episode was as low as that show could get. Was it just me or were they bashing me the entire episode?" He added that he was "disappointed" to see his friends from the show speak about him negatively.
Justin went on to be a contestant on season 2 of Bachelor Pad in 2011, but was eliminated in the first episode. In 2016, he gave an interview about The Bachelorette to Entertainment Tonight and said that the producers manipulated things so that he would be the villain, even before the girlfriend reveal. "I knew Ali wasn't for me the third day in," he said. "There were just a couple things where, I was just like, 'This girl is not for me.'" He said he wanted to leave the show in Iceland — which, dude, that was still way after three days in — but the producers "wanted it to be done in Turkey." It's hard to find out much else about him, and his last tweet is from 2018. Supposedly, he went on the show to become famous, but it looks like that dream has been left in the past.
As for Ali, she ended her journey on The Bachelorette by getting engaged to Roberto Martinez, but they broke up after a year and a half. She now works as a TV host, and is married to Kevin Manno with whom she has two kids, Molly and Riley.
While nothing went to plan for any of these people, I bet Ali is pretty happy with a world in which she's happily married and Justin is nowhere to be seen.

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