Where To Stream The Original Clueless For Its Totally Major Anniversary

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No, you’re not totally bugging! Clueless really turns 25 years old this year, which just might make you feel super old  — and you know, insert a joke about Paul Rudd never aging right here. But it’s true, the 1995 classic is now old enough to rent a car and then merge onto the highway if you’re brave enough. The only thing to do now is bust out your old, worn VHS copy of the movie and play it on repeat, but, if you don’t have that readily available in your designated TV room fear not, because Clueless is totally streaming right now
You’d think after 25 years the film would be horribly outdated, and yes, there are certain aspects of it that have not withstood the test of time. But considering the movie is loosely based on a Jane Austen novel, Emma, the themes found in it are timeless. So is Paul Rudd! When he played the swoon-worthy, socially conscious Josh in the film he was a mere 26 years old. Time certainly flies, huh? 
But enough about Josh and how dreamy he is, in both 1995 and 2020. Over the last two decades, the film has completely seeped into pop culture, whether it be the fashion, the catchphrases, or even the fact that it jumpstarted the career for many of its stars. Thanks to Clueless, Alicia Silverstone and Cher's outfits quickly became teen icons and ones that we're still excited to revisit today.
So now that you’re really in the mood to watch Clueless right now, there’s great news coming your way. Netflix gods are smiling upon us this month because Clueless is available on the streaming service right this very second — and if it’s not already in your queue, it should be there. Netflix has it categorized as a “cult, romantic, comedy” and those three adjectives perfectly describe the film. 
That’s not the only place to catch Clueless right now. Currently, if you have Hulu with Live TV, the movie is available via that service thanks to Freeform. And additionally, if you have a cable provider that includes Freeform you can stream it there on the Freeform app. But, always double-check it’s still currently streaming before you completely commit to the movie — just like Cher running through her own mental checklist before she commits to an outfit. 
If you’re looking to make more of a long-term commitment to Cher, you can always snag a digital copy of Clueless on Amazon, where it’s currently priced at $13.99 (It’s also always available to rent, too).
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