After Leaving The Bachelor World Behind, Sarah Heron Is Focused On Her Non-Profit

Photo: Todd Wawrychuk/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images.
Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor might have aired seven years ago, but now it's back once again. The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! kicks off on June 8 with a condensed three-hour version of Sean's season, bringing all his memorable (and forgotten) contestants along with it. One of them is Bachelor star Sarah Herron, who went on to be a regular in the franchise, appearing on two more shows.
In addition to making it to week six on Sean's season, Sarah was a contestant on seasons 1 and 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. On season 1, she made it to the finale episode, but she and Robert Graham broke things off rather than leaving the show together. On season 3, Sarah got the boot earlier on, but not before sticking up for herself against some incredibly offensive remarks from Chad Johnson.
These days, Sarah has left the roses behind. She wears many hats — literally and metaphorically, the lady really does love a hat. When she was on season 3 of BiP, she was listed as an advertising executive. But, after eight years in advertising, she started a non-profit called SheLift that "empowers young women with physical differences to discover confidence and self esteem through outdoor recreation and mentorship."
Sarah also gives talks about her experience with being born without the lower half of one of her arms. On top of that, she has a blog that is primarily about traveling, including suggestions for backpackers and tips for women who want to travel solo. She's done some outdoorsy influencing, too.
Of course, with Sarah having been on three shows about finding love, Bachelor fans probably want to know about her love life, too. Well, she's been in a relationship with a man named Dylan for three years. She recently posted about them spending time in quarantine together.
It looks like things have worked out pretty well for Sarah — which is exactly the position you want to be in when people are going to watch you get your heart broken on TV seven years after it happened.

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