Turns Out Harry From Too Hot To Handle Won A Reality Dating TV Show — In 2018

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago didn't have the easiest Too Hot To Handle journey, but it probably helped that one of them was a reality TV show veteran. RealityTidbit pointed out that 23-year-old Harry previously appeared on New Zealand dating reality series Heartbreak Island in 2018 — and won. He walked away with $100k and a girlfriend, Georgia Bryers. The two split the cash prize, and then split up six months later.
Heartbreak Island is a bit like Love Island plus physical challenges, and Jowsey describes it as "one of the best thing" he ever did.
"It was like a holiday. It was a crazy experience," he told The Cleverpreneur podcast. There was so much drama, more than you saw on screen. It was the most mentally challenging thing I could do.” 
However, he and Bryer apparently split because she "didn't appreciate girls commenting" on his Instagram pictures, according to The Sun. Social media was a big issue for Bryers, who told the NZ Herald that the hate she received following the series took a toll on her mental health.
"I cried more in that period of time than I had in my entire life, and I'm not a crier," she explained. "I remember feeling so low and not really knowing how to navigate it."
However, she hasn't spoken up (yet) about her ex's involvement in another dating reality series.
In Too Hot To Handle, Harry and Francesca leave the series as a couple, splitting the $100k winnings with the rest of the cast. However, the fate of their relationship in the past year since filming is still a mystery. If Harry is once again single, then don't worry, there's plenty of fish in the sea — and by fish we mean reality shows about dating. Maybe Love Island Australia is next?

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