So Much Drama From Giannina & Damian’s Wedding Was Cut From Love Is Blind

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
While the entire point of the weddings on Love Is Blind was to surprise us — as well as all of the contestants' friends and families — there still was no ceremony that was quite as shocking as Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers'. At the very last moment, Damian declared that, actually, he "did not," and a few tears, insults, and one tumble in the mud later, they had split.
While we now know that the pair is back together (but won't be getting engaged any time soon), it turns out there was so much more to their wedding that we missed — enough that Netflix could have made a "three hour special" of the whole ordeal, according to producer Chris Coelen.
While speaking to Metro, Coelen cleared up a continuity error that fans noticed when it came to the disappearing mud stain on Giannina's dress, and ended up revealing a treasure trove of unseen drama. Fans' suspicions that the whole thing was staged because Giannina's dress was dirty in one scene from her slip in the mud and clean the next when she confronted Damian were debunked. Now there's a new cause worth championing: The release of the full three-hour wedding drama.
"What you see, and what we’re able to show on the show is a condensed version of what happened," Coelen explained. "The run out of the venue, down that driveway, out into the parking lot next door… No one expected that."
Hours passed between that moment and their eventual confrontation, as evidenced by the empty venue and stacked chairs when the two finally chat inside.
"Her mom cleaned her up, we didn’t clean her up, and then ultimately she decided she wanted to confront Damian, so she did," Coelan explained. "There was incredible footage with Gigi and her mum, Damien and his friends, incredible stuff that we didn’t have time to show on the show. We could have done a three-hour special just on the Gigi and Damian wedding, truly."
If we don't get a season 2, then the least we could get is this.

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