New Ominous Westworld Trailer Teases The End Of The World As We Know It

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Westworld has been playing the long game, in the sense that season 2 aired back in 2018 and in that it has been dropping breadcrumbs ever since. Now, things finally culminate in this giant loaf of a trailer ahead of season 3's March premiere. It is humans versus robots and, judging by a few ominous statements made in the trailer, everyone could die.
Newcomer Caleb (Aaron Paul) teams up with Dolores in the real world as Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) is left to pick up the pieces of the Great Robot Escape. Meanwhile, Maeve (Thandie Newton) has been tasked with the unthinkable: locating Dolores and killing her. It's pretty much only William (Ed Harris) who has any good news, and even that "good" news is bad.
"I finally understand my purpose," he says in the trailer. "I'm gonna save the fucking world."
From exactly what is unclear, though Dolores and Caleb certainly have some destruction up their skin-sleeves.
"What happens if this doesn't work?" Caleb asks.
"We do this the old-fashioned way," Dolores replies.
"The old-fashioned way?"
"We kill everyone," she smirks.
Then there is Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) who can only be seen in the trailer vaguely stumbling around in his own inner turmoil, so I can only imagine what demons, real or robotic, are plaguing him.
Take a look at the new trailer for season 3 of Westworld below.

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