Locke & Key Has Plenty Of Source Material For Season 2

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The worst thing about Netflix’s Locke & Key is that it ends. After 10 episodes with the Locke children and the mysterious Key House, the series wraps up its first season with some answers, but so many more questions. Considering that the series is based on the comics of the same name it’s hard not to wish and hope for more episodes, so if you’re holding out for a season 2 of Locke & Key there’s good news. The good news is of course that it could happen; the bad news is that Netflix hasn’t announced that it will, in fac, happen. Yet. 
First and foremost, Netflix always has and always will work in mysterious ways. Considering the streaming service doesn’t release viewership numbers, it’s often difficult to tell what’s a huge hit for them and what’s a miss. That means there’s no knowing if, in its first week of release, Locke & Key was a success for them or not. There’s no way to tell if they’re going to renew it for season 2 until they just... do. There’s also no predictable patter for when Netflix decides to pull the trigger for a new season, as sometimes it takes weeks and sometimes it takes months for news about a new season. Even Stranger Things doesn’t always immediately get a renewal.
All that being said, there’s so much more story to tell when it comes to Locke & Key. While the first season of the series covers a lot of ground from the comics it’s really only scratched the surface when it comes to the history of the Key House. The comics jump around in time, oftentimes heading back to the past as far back as the American Revolution. So while we might have seen a lot of things already happened to Tyler, Kinsley, and Bode (Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott), there’s a lot more to learn about their relatives. 
Even if that doesn’t sound too reassuring right now when it comes to a potential season 2, you should know that season 2 is already being worked on — even though Netflix hasn’t officially renewed it yet. Before Locke & Key even premiered, showrunner Carlton Cuse told GameSpot, "We're writing season 2, even though it hasn't been greenlit. We're working in a [writer’s] room.” He told Entertainment Weekly the same thing, and seems incredibly optimistic about the future of the series, explaining, “We don’t have season 2 picked up yet, but we are working on the writing.”
As for what we might see in season 2, Cuse isn’t saying, but considering they’ve already started work on it he’s got some ideas. He also isn’t sure how long the show will run for, if it should continue. 
“So many possibilities arose from what we did in season 1 that we have a pretty good road map for season 2, so hopefully we get an official pick-up,” he continued to EW. “Once we finish season 2, that will tell us about the longevity of the show overall. Right now it feels like, our goal is nothing less than making season 2 even better than season 1. I think that’s an achievable goal.” 
Clearly, there’s work being done behind-the-scenes for Locke & Key, and hopefully, that means our adventures with the Lockes have only just begun.
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