White Tiger’s Identity On The Masked Singer Should Have Been Super Obvious

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Since 2019, when The Masked Singer first premiered, there has been one contestant every season that is just so obvious. The audience, judges, and everyone on social media know who they are from the start. Generally, that person tends to stay on the show for a while because they entertain the audience. This season, that contestant is, hands down, the White Tiger. The mystery of who the Masked Singer's White Tiger is was obvious the moment he first stepped on stage — before he started singing and before the first clue package was shown. But sure, let's play the show's game.
Update: Rob Gronkowski was unmasked as the White Tiger on April 1. No foolin'.
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Major Clues About The Masked Singer's White Tiger

In episode 1, the clues include “Four score and seven years ago” on Gettysburg Address poster, references to Boston and New England, and a clam-shucking trophy.
In week 2, we learned more. He says “My motto is work hard, play harder” and “Dancing heals my body after taking a beating.” The other major quote is, “I was voted most likely to go to the mat for a friend, and I did, literally.”
Now, in episode 3, the White Tiger says he says he is a good dancer but people didn't realize that about him. When the clue package introduces his college roommate, who is dressed as a dartboard in a bar with a Route 66 sign, the camera zooms in on a quarter. This friend describes White Tiger (or Ti Ti) as someone who commits to something and doesn't stop until he wins. He also gives a valentine to Jenny McCarthy, but it says that her husband (Donnie Wahlberg) would probably appreciate the card more than she does.

So, Who Is The Masked Singer's White Tiger?

The White Tiger’s clues were so obvious that former New England Patriots tight end (and recent SNL host) Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski was a guess in the first episode. The judges haven’t cracked the “four score and seven years ago” poster yet, but that math works out to 87 years, which is the number Gronk wore when he played for the Patriots. This week's valentine card being semi-addressed to McCarthy's husband Donnie Wahlberg also points to the Patriots (Wahlberg has a reputation for being a die-hard Patriots fan). Plus, the White Tiger's pal mentioned his commitment, which again points to his 8-year career with only one team in the NFL: the Patriots. 
The Boston, New England, and clam-shucking information also point to the former football star’s championship team. Gronk won three Super Bowl rings with the Patriots and played for the team for his entire eight-year career. It also can’t be a coincidence that the White Tiger was the first contestant introduced after the Super Bowl ended and host Nick Cannon announced that all the contestants totaled nine Super Bowl appearances. 
The White Tiger is also most likely an athlete based on his muscular build and the fact that he simple towers over Cannon. The mantra “Work hard, play harder” could be linked to multiple sports legends, but Gronk is a very possible choice considering he just retired and would have time to film the show.  
He recently appeared on Fox for the network’s New Year’s Eve special where he was dancing throughout the night, which is possible where the nod to dance moves in the White Tiger’s clue packages come from. Plus, I don’t think Gronkowski has ever been on television without finding an excuse to show off his crazy dance moves. He regularly danced on the sidelines when he was Patriot. The multiple dancing clues really point to Gronk being behind the mask. 
The judges thought the mention of a mat was a sign that the White Tiger is involved in the wrestling world. And they're not actually wrong. Gronk did step into the ring in 2017 at Wrestlemania to help his friend Mojo Rawley.  
Lastly, we have the college roommate's bar. The main signage says "Route 66" and fun fact, Gronk when to college in Tucson, Arizona — Route 66 goes right through the major city. Also, the camera shot of the quarter could be another reference to Gronkowski's football career. Since some of the judges have thought the White Tiger is a wrestler, the quarter could be a small hint that they need to stick to football players. 
So yes, Nicole Scherzinger, is it is Rob "Gronowhatever."

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