Why Summer House’s Kyle & Amanda Are Still Figuring Out Wedding Plans

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
The Bravo-loving world rejoiced when Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke of Summer House fame got engaged in the summer of 2018, but man, a lot has happened since then — wars, World Series, political upheavals, new haircuts… And still, these two don’t seem to be making many plans when it comes to their nuptials. In October 2019, Bravo noted that when Amanda and Kyle were getting married was a bit of a mystery; they had multiple plans fall through and were getting discouraged when it came to making those big decisions. Come on, you guys — we need a Summer House wedding! Luckily, Amanda and Kyle told Refinery29 ahead the season 4 premiere of Summer House that things are going much better now.
“We have some things solidified and we’re so excited,” Amanda says. “I would so not wish wedding planning on my worst enemy. It’s something I hope I have to do only once. But it’s getting more exciting the more things we’re able to lock down.”
Kyle says that the couple was paralyzed last summer by cramped schedules and the pressure of figuring out all the key elements of a wedding. “It gets to me easily because we were so behind,” he said. “I kind of learned firsthand that Amanda is a big procrastinator. That was a big lesson of 2019.” Wedding planning is certainly not easy, so many married couples probably totally understand this attitude.
Though the couple didn’t disclose a time or place for their upcoming nuptials — you'd have to have a venue nailed down for that — they did admit that they’re feeling the pressure to create the perfect event. Thanks to Instagram, their television fame, and Kyle’s penchant for throwing amazing parties, a lot of eyes will be on their wedding. “There’s pressure and advice and comments on an outfit that I wear or the way I wear my hair, so having a wedding and making those big decisions and having it look a certain way for Instagram, yeah, there’s definitely pressure to pull something off that will make people feel excited,” Amanda says. Kyle agreed, noting that his friends have “high expectations.”
Those expectations aside, Kyle and Amanda have made it through so much that wedding planning probably won't break them. They’ve spent a good part of their relationship on national television, with fights and cheating and a house full of friends (and viewers) spewing opinions on every facet of their coupledom. Amanda says that even though there’s “tons of unsolicited advice” in their position, being a couple on TV has actually helped them.
“Being able to watch it back, we’re kind of able to reflect on it and see from an outsiders’ view what went down and what was said and how it all played out,” she says. Kyle likens being on TV to “therapy,” because “the nature of doing a show is that you’re going to do a lot more talking,” he said. “We kind of work through things in a slightly different manner just because it’s like, ‘Well, can’t avoid it.’”
Whether they throw a huge wedding or do a quick (Instagram-friendly) City Hall ceremony — which Amanda joked they had considered after seeing how much time planning a wedding takes — Amanda and Kyle are slowly lining up every magic moment to start off their marriage. And though season 4 of Summer House could, by the looks of the trailer, throw a few more bumps in their road, Summer House fans can rest assured that they're still planning to walk down the aisle as husband and wife.
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