Shirtballs. The Wait For The Good Place Season 4 On Netflix May Be Forking Long.

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Forget The Bad Place, the worst possible scenario has happened: The Good Place is over as of tonight. But the blow of this forking terrible news can be softened by a rewatch — because who doesn't want to relive iconic moments like Michael's (Ted Danson) big reveal in season 1 or everyone becoming Janet (D'Arcy Carden)? You might want to consider watching an episode a week though, because it's probably going to be a while before season 4 of The Good Place arrives on Netflix. The streamer has the first three seasons available for your viewing pleasure right now, but if the final season stays true to the previous release date schedule, season 4 won't be on Netflix until sometime in September. 
Netflix hasn't shared an exact date for season 4's arrival, and sadly, we can't just ask Janet. But in the past, new seasons of the existential NBC comedy have arrived on the streamer between late August and early September. That timeframe gave the series a chance to pick up new viewers in between seasons. However, now that Eleanor's (Kristen Bell) journey is over, there's no longer a need for a strategic drop in hopes of boosting the live ratings on NBC. That could mean The Good Place's last season will be on Netflix earlier than usual, but don't get your hopes up too high. Netflix tends to be consistent with its syndication schedule, even when it comes to shows that have ended for good.
For now, the most recent five episodes of season 4 are available on Hulu, or you can watch the entire season for free on if you have a cable or satellite subscription (or know someone who does — that might cost you a few points in the afterlife, though). It's not an ideal scenario, but The Good Place has proven its well worth the wait. 
In season 4, the show continued to delve into the moral question of what it means to be a good person by having Eleanor, Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Michael, and their friends challenge the points system in the highest court in the universe. Their journey leads to yet another neighborhood reboot, a last-minute race against time to save the entire world from being erased, and the appearance of a Disco Janet. The Good Place used its last hurrah to delve deeper into the philosophical quandary of the ever-evolving nature of humans, and to make fart jokes funny again. There really isn't anything that this brilliant little show can't do.
It's not easy to say goodbye to such a smart comedy, but The Good Place will live on Jeremy Bearimy style via Netflix. And that means the neighborhood will always be there when you need to visit Team Cockroach.
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