Meet The Young Actors Leading The Cast Of Ragnarok

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix has a new show that's sure to confuse anyone searching for the third Thor movie. The Netflix series Ragnarok (out January 31) is coming-of-age story that combines Norwegian mythology — specifically, the idea of Ragnarok, a version of armageddon — with the very real issue of climate change. To put it simply, a teen, basically, has to battle global warming with the power of Thor. (Yes, the idea of Thor is involved. No, Thor: Ragnarok is no longer streaming on Netflix.)
Ragnarok is a Norwegian-language show, takes place in a fictional Norwegian town called Edda, and stars Norwegian actors. And with the main cast all being young, up-and-coming actors, there's been some overlap in the shows they've starred on before; namely, one particularly popular teen drama from the Scandinavian country. These guys know how to play a troubled teenager, this time there's just some supernatural elements thrown in and the stakes are world-ending level high.
Read on to find out more about the Ragnarok cast and their careers prior to joining an international Netflix series. (Or just to see pictures of them, so you can keep everyone straight while watching. Totally understandable if you're not up on your young Norwegian thespians, but you will be now.)

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