What The Heck Did Father Blackwood Just Unleash On Sabrina?

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Warning: There are spoilers for the finale of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 ahead.
By the end of the new season, Sabrina thinks that all her problems have been solved on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina now that her coven has their powers back and the pagans have been driven out of Greendale. But what she doesn't know is that Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle) has unleashed a whole new terrifying threat upon the town. In the finale of part 3, Blackwood's egg hatched, and what's inside cannot be good. 
When he stabbed open the egg, it released a horrific screaming noise and whatever was inside escaped out into Greendale. Blackwood was overjoyed, claiming that he'd officially brought about "the beginning of the end" which includes "the end of the Spellmans" and "the end of all things." Blackwood holds a real grudge if he's willing to destroy the world he knows just to take out three Spellman witches. Actually, yep, that tracks.
Blackwood seems to know that the egg will bring about terrible things, but he also seems to think he will be able to harness these terrible powers for his own gain. Blackwood's hubris never tires, so when performing the ceremony to hatch the egg, he cried out, "I am your vessel. I am your priest." Um, pretty sure the monster in the egg doesn't recognize you as its priest, sir.

What's In Father Blackwood's Egg?

At this point, not much is actually known about the egg's contents, only that Blackwood was desperate to locate it, going all the way to Scotland through time and space to track it down from the Loch Ness Monster. From context, it seems to be her egg, so the monster we see in part 4 may be a similar water dragon to the Loch Ness Monster we saw in part 3. The egg itself had time warping properties, so there's no telling how powerful the creature will be now that it's out of the egg, or how weird things are about to get.
It's also pretty unlikely that Sabrina creating a time paradox in the finale right before a time-bending egg was hatched was no coincidence. The two Sabrinas she created by not finishing her time loop could run into extra trouble if the egg inhabitant further bends the laws of time in Greendale. She could possibly even get trapped in her own time paradox. 

What Are The Eldritch Terrors?

When he hatched the egg, Blackwood called upon the "eldritch terrors" to help him unleash its powers. "Eldritch" is a descriptor that can be applied to anything "strange or unnatural especially in a way that inspires fear." The "eldritch abomination" is also a television trope for shows that include some kind of inconceivable alien being "defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe as we understand them." Welp, so much for Blackwood using the egg to settle his own personal battles, this thing is probably going to have a terrifying mind of its own.
The first episode of part 4 is titled "The Eldritch Dark," so it seems we'll learn as soon as the part 4 premiere just what unnatural alien havoc Blackwood has wreaked upon Greendale. He's on a mission to destroy Sabrina and her aunts, and he'll take the whole world down with him if he has to. But even he may be unprepared for what the egg monster will do. If part 3 showed us anything, it's that there's a much bigger world beyond just our dear Church of Night coven, Blackwood, and the Spellmans. The first indication was part three's pagan witches, who tried to resurrect their own almighty gods and now there's a time monster who may answer to no one, not even Blackwood. He may just find himself in need of all his former witch friends if he's to survive whatever he just brought into this world.
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