This Siesta Key Cheating Allegation Is Reality Show Mad Libs

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
The cast members of Siesta Key are by no means afraid of drama, hence the reason why most of them signed on to appear on the MTV reality series in the first place. But the most recent bombshell to drop might prove too messy even for this group of Floridians, and it's sucking other reality stars from the network right into the center of it.
Siesta Key star Juliette Porter launched the tidal wave with a single tweet, alleging that one of her fellow cast members, Cara Geswelli, had hooked up with MTV alum Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (The Real World: Key West and The Challenge) even though she was in a relationship with Garrett Miller at the time. 
“Cara is a shady skank and she f*ckrd @johnnybananas while dating @__GarrettMiller in Cancun," Porter shared on Twitter yesterday.
When fans swarmed her mentions asking how she came upon the scandalous information, Porter didn’t shy away from revealing her source. Per the 22-year-old, the tea came directly from a member of another MTV reality series, one Nilsa Prowant of Floribama Shore.
Siesta Key. The Real World: Key West. Floribama Shore. Sensing a pattern here?
These reality stars run in the same circles; not only are they all based in Florida, they are also part of the same television network. It's definitely plausible that they have come across each other on and off camera, so Porter and Prowant might be on to something. Still, none of the parties mentioned have confirmed nor denied the allegations, and with the third season of Siesta Key set to air tonight on MTV, the timing of these rumors couldn't be better.
There's no telling if the alleged cheating will appear on the upcoming season, but if this is what's going on when the cameras aren't around, we have to tune in to see what Siesta Key is all about.

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