The Cast Of Medical Police Is Full Of All Your Favorite Funny People

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
They're doctors. They're cops. They're doctor cops? Well, whatever the stars of Medical Police are, they're hilarious. Of course, those who watched the Adult Swim series Childrens Hospital, already know this. The cast of Medical Police, the spin-off of that hilarious hospital comedy, is back to poke a little fun at police procedurals.
In the Netflix series, doctors Lola Spratt (Erinn Hayes) and Owen Maestro (Rob Huebel) have left the children's hospital and are now on a wild goose chase through too many countries to count looking for the cure to a unicorn virus. And if they don't, well, they will likely have a deadly pandemic on their hands. No pressure.
Along the way, Lola and Owen are joined by a cast of characters that are played by some of the funniest people in the world. Some of these names you'll know immediately (hello, Jason Schwartzman and your vaguely European accent!) others you'll know only by face. You know, those actors that are in everything but you just can't seem to remember their names. Those actors that make you say, "Oh yes, that person!" Well, with our help, you'll never forget these very funny people's names or their faces. No need to thank us, it's just part of the job.

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