Mitch From Spinning Out Is Not Who You Think He Is

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix's Spinning Out.
The first time we meet Mitch (Matt Kemp), Serena's coach on Netflix's Spinning Out, he's slapping the teen's ass with his glove. Seriously, in this climate, Mitch? It's why you can't help but understand Kat's concerns when Mitch drives her younger sister, played by Willow Shields, home and encourages her to be more "mature" in her routines. Though, maybe threatening to kill him goes a little too far, Kat. Especially, once you discover who Mitch really is.
Mitch's time with his last skater, he says, ended "tragically." He has just moved to Sun Valley, Idaho from Boise to work with Serena, a talented ice skater with a rough home life due to her mom, Carol (January Jones) and sister Kat's (Kaya Scodelario) struggles with bipolar disorder. We know Mitch is going through a divorce thanks to Kat's trailer park snooping. Kat immediately assumes it's because he cheated on his ex with a student, who had a mental breakdown and stopped skating.
In actuality, Mitch's skater had an eating disorder that landed her in rehab and his wife was cheating on him with a plumber. He's also the kind of guy who pays for Carol's groceries when her card is declined and then ends up going home with her later. That might not come off great, but, he redeems himself later by helping Carol clean her house when she's having a particularly bad bipolar episode after not taking her medication. He even lets a distraught Serena know he isn't leaving like her father did when she was a kid. Cue all the tears.
But, after Mitch helps Carol through her rehab stint, Serena takes a little advantage of his niceness. While her mom works through things, she asks Mitch if she can go do all the things she couldn't before like eating tacos with her crush. Oh, and keep secrets like her hurting her wrist while playing broomball. When Serena's dad Reggie returns, Mitch gets jealous over the fact that he'll be around full time now.
While Mitch looks good in anything, green really isn't his color. So it's a good thing that he ditches the jealous boy routine to be a standup guy, despite what Kat might have originally thought about him. Too bad, we can't say the same of Dr. Parker.
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