Emma Chamberlain Dropped A Coffee Brand Over The Weekend, This Is Not A Drill

Expect Emma Chamberlain to look at an empty mason jar with coffee stains as an opportunity to make herself a follow-up cup. She’s not a glass-half-full kinda gal, she’s more of a “keep ‘em coming” type. But the longtime Philz Coffee devotee has, once again, made YouTube history by launching her own coffee brand.
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Chamberlain Coffee, with it’s very legit-sounding name, first appeared on Instagram two weeks ago. It teased branded mugs, tumblers, and, of course, coffee. Finally, on December 22nd the website went live and the account's near-70,000 followers were offered the opportunity to buy a few different bundles which include steeped coffee bags, travel, and coffee mugs. A coffee five-pack is $10, so each bag costs about $2.
At last, Philz might finally be bumped down to no.2 on her coffee rankings to make way for her own proprietary brand. We’ve all seen the unsuccessful pivot many a celebrity has made to merchandise, to varying degrees of success. But Emma Chamberlain, as she’ll tell you in her videos, is a coffee connoisseur. And on Chamberlain Coffee’s website, we can see the 18-year old with a very serious look on her face as she talks shop with a strapping young roaster. 
But about the coffee: We’ve seen Emma fight with Nespresso machines, French presses, and rattly espresso makers. She stayed true to her brand by creating a coffee that is easy to make at home or on the go, eco-friendly, and delicious. “I’m sick of dealing with machines, pods, or extra plastic packaging crap.” She writes, “It’s such a waste, and the flavor isn’t great.”
Chamberlain Coffee is presented in an, “innovative Chamberlain Steeped Coffee Bag.” As she demonstrates in an updated “MY COFFEE RECIPE” video, these bags are essentially, compostable mega-sized tea bags, with steep-ready coffee inside. The bags can be used three ways: steeped in cold water overnight to make cold brew, steeped in hot water for 10 minutes for hot coffee, or hung on your car’s rear-view mirror to make your whole car smell like coffee.
If you ask any of Chamberlain’s 8.5 million followers, you know that just watching her videos gives you coffee cravings: it’s in the way her reusable straw clinks in her Mason Jar, how the ice rattles in the to-go cup, and, of course, it’s in the infamous slurp. And if her successful line of merch is any indication, Chamberlain Coffee could have a bright future ahead.

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