A Guide To The Witcher‘s Many Fantastical Characters

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix is sure hoping that they’ve got the next Game of Thrones on their hands with their new adaptation of The Witcher — based on the books, not the video game inspired by the books. And yes, just like Game of Thrones before it, this series has lots of monsters, beasts, spells, witchery, and also impossible names that you might spend eight seasons trying to figure out how to say and spell. 
At least the series’ lead, Henry Cavill, is pretty much a staple across our entertainment now, having played the Man of Steel for the past few years. But, he’s not about to set off on a fantasy quest through a fictional land all by himself. Though none of these names might be familiar off the top of your head, The Witcher cast of characters is full of up and coming actors who are ready to burst onto the scene... just like the Game of Thrones cast all those years ago. 
While it’s almost a guarantee that all these names (and their pronunciation) will throw you off for at least a few episodes of The Witcher, dive into the who’s who of the cast, and who they’re playing in Netflix’s brand new series.

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