The Cast Of Cats Compared To Their Terrifying Cat Faces

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
Like it or not, the Cats movie is real and it's here. As in, you can go to a theater right now and watch Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and Idris Elba prance around covered in fur while meowing and nuzzling each other. Every weird thing that happens in this move sounds more fake than the last, but overall the hardest thing to process is the cats themselves. As Sarah Dowling, the film’s London-based “cat coordinator,” told Vogue, they're human-cat hybrids, which make them absolutely incomprehensible to the human eye.
"We talked about how cats use their senses of smell and hearing more than their sight, and we trained the actors to literally smell objects and people delicately, like cats," she explained. "We’d look at cat behavior through videos and demonstrations, and then we’d find our own way."
But, believe it or not, there are actually humans underneath all that CGI, and I don't believe any of them have tails. In fact, they're quite glamorous members of the arts and entertainment industry, which means there must be some valid reason they all ended up in this movie...rights?
Regardless of your feelings on the musical adaptation, everyone enjoys a before-and-after. Ahead are the actors in the Cats movie compared to their furry, whiskered counterparts.

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