Everything You Need To Know About Taylor Swift’s Christmas Tree Farm

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When someone tells you they “grew up on a Christmas tree farm,” you might tilt your head, but you’re inclined to believe it. After all, who lies about that kind of thing? But when they follow it up by describing their “gingerbread house” and the “yummy gummy gumdrop forest,” we have to wonder if the person in question, namely Taylor Swift, has followed Buddy the Elf down a path of holiday delusions.
Swift took advantage of the drop of her latest single, Christmas Tree Farm, to remind everyone that she grew up on a, you guessed it, Christmas Tree Farm.
Here are the facts: Taylor Swift did grow up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. Well, sort of. 
In 2014, Swift explained that her father tended to say farm in his spare time, often before jetting off to his lucrative finance job. You know, as one does. Taylor’s job was to pick out the praying-mantis pods so they wouldn’t hatch inside people’s homes. So while her parents weren’t exactly farmers (her father worked at Merrill Lynch and bought the farm from a client), anticipation for the holidays is in her blood. 
The Swifts moved to Nashville, Tennessee to help further Taylor’s career when she was just 14. But before that, they lived in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and owned an 11-acre Christmas tree farm. That being said, her father, Scott, worked as a stockbroker and her mother, Andrea, was a stay-at-home-mom and former marketing executive.
This is the farm that’s been referenced in the ME! music video, revisited during the Reputation tour, and most recently featured in all the VHS footage that made up her latest video, Christmas Tree Farm. In the background of the single’s cover photo, a small sign hangs from a wooden gate: “Pine Ridge Farm.”
Now, when you Google "Pine Ridge Farm", you'll find Pine Ridge Farm, in Stewartson, Pennsylvania, a gorgeous wedding venue just over an hour away from Swift's childhood home. But that Pine Ridge has been in the Fowler family for at least three generations. However, the same Google search also surfaces a Facebook page for one such Pine Ridge Christmas Tree Farm, in Reading, PA where to this day, you can cut your own Christmas tree for about $40. (It's just 17 minutes away from Swift's childhood home.)
So, basically, there are enough Pine Ridge Farms in Pennsylvania for even the most die-hard Taylor Swift fan to both cut down a Christmas tree... and even have a wedding.
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