Blame Harry Styles & SNL For All The “Wreck Me Daddy” Comments On Sara Lee’s Insta

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Update, November 17, 2019, 1:40 p.m.: Sara Lee appears to be disabling and deleting joke Instagram comments in response to the Saturday Night Live sketch with host Harry Styles about the account.
SNL cast member Bowen Yang, who appeared in the sketch, tweeted about the real Sara Lee social media manager's tactic. "Sara Lee disabling and deleting IG comments wow they really could have been THE bread for f*gs," Yang wrote on Twitter.
Following the end of the episode's taping on Sunday morning, Yang championed the sketch (and SNL writer Julio Torres) but apologized to the company, writing on Twitter, "Me and prodigal son @juliothesquare made Mz. @Harry_Styles say queer nonsense. Very very very sorry to everyone at @SaraLeeDesserts."
This article was originally published on November 17, 2019.
If you’re wondering why people are commenting “Wreck me daddy” on photos of Sara Lee Artesano bakery rolls on Instagram, blame Harry Styles.
The musician, actor, and once upon a time One Direction member returned to Saturday Night Live this week to serve as both host and musical guest — and to take over Sara Lee’s Instagram account for a sketch.
In the bit, Styles played Dylan, a social media manager for the bakery brand who was called into the corporate headquarters by his bosses to discuss the “bread content” he had been posting. In the conference room, where slices of Sara Lee white bread were artfully arranged on a plate presumably as a snack, Dylan’s bosses (played by SNL cast members Cecily Strong and Bowen Yang) wanted to know why, exactly, the official Sara Lee Instagram account was commenting on a picture of Nick Jonas asking the singer to "Wreck me daddy" and "Destroy me, King."
Dylan quickly realized that he may have accidentally been using the Sara Lee Instagram account when he meant to use his personal account and vice versa. The result of that mix-up were the comments treating the Jonas Brother as a snack and the official Sara Lee account captioning a photo of cheesecake with: "Why do guys always freak out when I ask them to spit in my mouth?” Those weren’t the only incidents either: there was an emoji comment on the account of “some random guy with only 200 followers,” which Dylan explained was a reference to “getting railed to death.” To add insult to the injury to the brand, the guy didn’t even like the comment, which led Sara Lee’s official account to ask, “Why no response?” Then there were the moody musings about feeling used, the aftermath of a threesome, and a DM to Shawn Mendes offering a very special promotion, all from the official mouthpiece of Sara Lee. After all that, the bosses had no choice but to give him an official warning (or two) for the mix-ups.
While fans may have appreciated Styles’ willingness to play a man so open about his struggles with depression and love of both “bread content” and Nick Jonas, Sara Lee might have wished the show had selected any other brand for the bit. That’s because Saturday Night Live fans have quickly flooded Sara Lee’s real Instagram account with comments ripped straight from the sketch. Now people are asking a photo of a ham, cheese, and brioche casserole to “rail me to death” and writing “Wreck me daddy” on pictures of Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread. The real Sara Lee social media manager is either laughing or crying by now.
Watch the sketch below and then head over to the Sarah Lee Insta. You know you want to.

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