Shay Mitchell’s Dollface Castmates Reveal How They Guessed She Was Pregnant

Photo: Erin Simkin/Hulu.
The women on Dollface know that you can’t fool your friends. And, as it turns out, the actors who brought Hulu’s new friendship dramedy to life are equally perceptive. Before Shay Mitchell announced her pregnancy to the world in a heartfelt video this July, her castmates knew what was up — and Brenda Song was the first to catch on.
“Can I tell you how I knew?” Song said on a Friday episode of People TV, flanked by Kat Dennings and Esther Povitsky. “Who doesn’t drink coffee?” Dennings joked that she had assumed Mitchell was just making healthy dietary decisions, but Song shook her head. “She’ll eat, like, two pizzas, ’cause she’s awesome, but she won’t have coffee? I was like, hmm.”
Though Song and Povitsky both figured out Mitchell’s pregnancy, Dennings had no idea. While filming Dollface, though, she said Mitchell filled her in. “She took me aside because she was like, ‘Here’s the deal: soon I will look pregnant.’ And my immediate first thing was just thrilled for her,” Dennings said.
Prior to giving birth to her daughter, Atlas Noa, in October, Mitchell documented her pregnancy on social media and through her YouTube series Almost Ready. Given her candor — Mitchell is a big proponent of the emotional Instagram post — it might come as a surprise that she held off for so long before telling anyone that she and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, were expecting. But after suffering a miscarriage, Mitchell was determined to take her time breaking the news.
“With the first time going how it did, I wanted to keep it under wraps a little bit more until I was comfortable,” she told Refinery29 back in August. But, she added, “I couldn’t have had a better show [than Dollface] to be a part of during this process. I told [my castmates] the last month of shooting, and everyone was just so incredibly supportive.”
On Dollface, Mitchell plays Stella, a free-spirited glam girl who reconnects with Jules (Dennings) after the latter’s unceremonious breakup. All 10 episodes are streaming now on Hulu.

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