Elisabeth Moss Makes The Case For A Silly Christmas Rom-Com

Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images.
In honor of the Christmas season, it is probably time to take a break from the doom and gloom of The Handmaid's Tale. We are extremely down for another Elisabeth Moss vehicle, however, and she found the perfect solution. As a Christmas devotee, she naturally has the Hallmark movies app on her phone, and would readily step into a role on the famed festive network. In fact, she told an audience at Vulture Festival exactly how it would go down.  
“I needed a way to access all my Christmas movies because I love Hallmark Christmas movies and I watch as many of them as possible,” Moss first explained regarding her love of the app. “People who write should definitely write one for me,” she added.
If those writers need a jumping off point, here it is:
“I’d be a shop-owner, and there’d be a Christmas tree farmer, you know, I’d hate him at first,” she explained. “In my Hallmark movie I’d probably end up losing the baby somewhere. There’d be a lot of mascara, and then I’d stab someone.” 
Ah, right — there is the Elisabeth Moss we know and love. It says something about Moss’s choices that her most comical role in recent years was in the horror movie Us. A Lifetime movie would guarantee levity that even Aunt Lydia couldn’t resist — especially if that movie included a lost Christmas baby and stabbing.

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