Reese Witherspoon & Zoe Saldana’s New Series About Grief Is A Family Affair

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You can trust Reese Witherspoon with an emotional story, and there is perhaps none more tear-jerking than Tembi Locke's memoir, From Scratch. The book was Reese’s Book Club x Hello Sunshine May 2019 pick, and is about Locke's love and loss of her husband, who she met in Sicily. The couple raised their family in Los Angeles. After she loses him to cancer, she spends three summers back in Sicily with her daughter to connect with the life her husband left behind and find comfort in the food and family that remains.
Zoe Saldana will play Locke in Netflix's adaptation of the book into a series, according to Variety, that will be helmed by showrunner Attica Locke (Tembi's sister) and produced by Witherspoon.
“Tembi’s memoir is a raw and tender exhibition of life in all its pieces,” Witherspoon said in a statement given to Variety. “She brings you into her love, her loss and her resilience with such vulnerability and strength. We immediately fell for Attica and Tembi’s vision and feel honored to have the opportunity to help bring it to life on-screen."
“This is a profound true story of love and family, deprivation and nourishment, that needs to be brought to life on the screen as Tembi Locke brought it vividly to life for me on the page,” Saldana added.
Before this, Attica wrote for Ava DuVernay's When They See Us, also on Netflix, as well as Fox's Empire. Teaming up with her sister ensures the heart of From Scratch makes it to the screen, and they're not the only family members that will be on set. Saldana's sisters, Cisely Saldana and Mariel Saldana, will also serve as co-producers. In addition to From Scratch, Saldana will be appearing the third Guardians Of The Galaxy, an upcoming Star Trek sequel, and four more Avatar movies, according to IMDb.

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