Linda Hamilton Is More Than Sarah Connor — Here Are Her Other Iconic Roles

Photo: Victor Chavez/Getty Images.
Since 1984, Linda Hamilton has shown us she is more than capable of saving the human race from extinction across the Terminator film franchise. Taking on the iconic role of Sarah Connor in the film, Hamilton reprised the role in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, gave her voice to Terminator Salvation, and will again appear in full form in Terminator: Dark Fate
Hamilton isn’t just Sarah Connor, however. She has been a badass across multiple films and TV shows, making her more than worthy of the title of acting royalty. From horror to animated TV to fantasy to romantic dramas, Hamilton has shown an extensively diverse set of acting skills. While some of her work is admittedly dated, Hamilton herself is timeless.
If you’re not familiar with Hamilton’s work, she has been in Children of the Corn, Batman Beyond, and Lost Girl. And that’s just getting warmed up. Click through to see some of the most memorable moments in her career. 

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