Who Isn’t In The Cast Of The Morning Show?

Photo: Courtesy of Apple TV+.
The new Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, couldn’t come at a better time. It’s been two years since the #MeToo movement set the internet (and world) ablaze, a huge wake-up call not just for Hollywood, but for everyone. Hundreds of celebrities, executives, and politicians have spoken up about their experiences with sexual harassment, assault, and abuse, and countless survivors have followed their lead, hoping to expose a deeply rooted cultural problem and eradicate it once and for all. 
We’ve had time, since then, to process it all and commit to change. Men like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and Kevin Spacey were publicly ousted, lost their jobs, and face criminal charges. Some states are providing more protection for employees who report sexual misconduct, and congress has even reformed part of its sexual harassment reporting process. Overall, it’s clear that people are understanding and learning more about power dynamics. 
A series like The Morning Show — about the aftermath plaguing TV anchor Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) after she learns her co-host Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) has been fired over sexual misconduct  — exemplifies everything we’ve learned about shaking up the status quo and the complexities of power dynamics between men and women (and women and women). Even though The Morning Show wasn’t a direct response to what happened with Matt Lauer at the Today show (it’s based on the book Top of the Morning by Brian Stelter), it’s clear that Apple, along with executive producers Aniston and Witherspoon, agreed that The Morning Show is still an important narrative worthy of a massive audience. 
Learn all about the main cast (the entire cast is basically never-ending) and the characters they portray before you start streaming.

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