That Grey’s Anatomy Amelia Twist May Not Mean What You Think It Means

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Just when you thought the love triangle between Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), and Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) was over, it's not!
Amelia had her first ultrasound during the season 16 Grey's Anatomy fall finale (much later than she should have), and it confirmed something huge. The baby is actually 24 weeks old, not 20 like Amelia thought. That extra month is a big deal because it seems to mean that Owen could be the father of Amelia's baby after all. When Amelia found out her baby was 24 weeks, she seemed instantly panicked. "That's not possible, because that could mean..." Amelia said, adding, "Oh, god. No!"
That doesn't mean the baby is definitely Owen's, but it does open up the possibility, and that's going to make Amelia's life so complicated. Here she was talking excitedly with Link (Chris Carmack) about whether the baby will have his eyes or not, when the baby could actually have Owen's eyes and be Owen's child. (I would like to echo Amelia's panicked, "No!")
Owen already has an adopted child and had a child with Teddy. He's potentially considering proposing to Teddy. He doesn't need his life blown up with news of another child that may make him doubt his feelings for Teddy or, at the very least, complicate their budding relationship further.
Amelia is also happy with Link. As actor Caterina Scorsone previously explained to Refinery29, Amelia and Link are excited about this baby and having it together. "Amelia and Link are for sure jumping in. They’re both pretty adventurous, high adrenaline souls, so they are going to leap and have this baby and figure out the pieces as they go."
Well now one of the pieces they have to figure out is whether or not the baby is even Link's in the first place. But considering that Amelia went 24 weeks before she even got an ultrasound, there's no telling how long she may go before telling Link about the possibility that the baby is Owen's. Someone's gonna need to do a DNA test stat, and even the act of getting that will blow things up in a big way. 
However, even if Link gets upset and leaves Amelia over this, she's going to forge ahead into motherhood on her own. Scorsone previously told Refinery29, "Her motherhood isn’t dependent on the relationship lasting. If it does, cool. But she's not waiting for permission or perfect typical conditions to become the mother she wants to be," she said. 
Owen and Amelia were not a great couple together, and they're not really even that good as friends. Remember when he recently freaked out on Amelia for explaining a patient's abortion rights to her? Owen, please take several seats. Link would never.
Grey's Anatomy won't return until January 23, so that's a long time for fans to not know the truth about the father of Amelia's baby. However this one turns out, though, it's going to be messy for about four different people. Classic Grey's Anatomy...
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