It’s National Pasta Day & These Are The Best Deals & Freebies

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
In college, you rely on Top Ramen to feed you when the campus dining hall falls short. Post-grad, you have your own fridge and your own stove and your own pantry... and it feels like you’ll jinx it if you never put it to good use. Cue the rigatoni showering into a boiling pot of water. Pasta is the instant ramen of the adult world. 
Twenty-somethings everywhere stock up on little more than a box of pasta and a jar of sauce to get through the week. We add frozen vegetables or pre-cooked chicken cubes and call it nutrition. We add in cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella for when friends come over. We can turn almost anything into a pasta dish, except for lettuce. (This well-meaning influencer needs to know that shredded lettuce is not a pasta substitute.) We even order pasta at restaurants, which seems counterintuitive given how much pasta we eat at home, but isn’t, because pasta. So on today’s National Pasta Day, we gorge on, yep, you guessed it, more pasta (and perhaps order seconds to go). 
Instacart users: when you order $15 worth of Knorr Pasta Sides, you can save $5 or unlock free delivery. And this offer is valid through October. 27th.
Applebee’s is selling new pasta and grill combos, which includes one grilled entrée and your choice of pasta, for $9.99
Olive Garden is wrapped up in some kind of mystery heist on social media. Something to do with a “Pasta Nabber” and a mission to save the pasta in time for National Pasta Day. Keep watch of Twitter to see what kind of deal is at the end of this tunnel.
Your Pie has locations in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and other southern states and its new pasta menu will be yours to enjoy for just $3.14 a dish.

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