Every Major Breaking Bad Death Ahead Of El Camino, From Bike Locks To Ricin

Photo: Allstar Picture Library/Alamy.
Breaking Bad’s sequel, El Camino, dropped this weekend, and it may leave you feeling nostalgic for the week-to-week mayhem of trying to predict who wouldn’t survive the next episode during the original Breaking Bad series run.
While Breaking Bad specialized in creating some of the greatest TV villains of all time, the series also gave us an upfront view of all the innocent lives that can be lost in the process of one man’s ruthless pursuit of a goal. Moreover, Breaking Bad also presented us with the reality of how many deaths happen behind the scenes in drug cartels and drug rings. 
From death by bicycle lock, to the endless shootings, to that one pipe bomb incident, to the final demonstration of the power of ricin poisoning, Breaking Bad gave viewers some of the most memorable death scenes of all time.

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