How The College Admissions Scandal Movie Cast Matches Up To The Real-Life Players

Photo: Nic Antaya/Getty Images.
It was only seven months ago that we first heard of "Operation Varsity Blues," the best-named FBI investigation of the astonishingly brazen college admissions scandal. Most TV movies take something like 18 months to complete, but somehow Lifetime was able to pull off the miracle that is The College Admissions Scandal movie in time to air it on Saturday, October 12. (Sadly, the movie's cast does not include Felicity Huffman or Lori Loughlin.)
"That’s about as fast as you can get a movie done," screenwriter Stephen Tolkin told the Boston Globe.
The timing is pretty good. Just this week, a whole batch of parents have been sentenced to serve prison time for paying college admissions counselor Rick Singer for various scams to get their children into elite universities. Huffman, who pleaded guilty to mail fraud and honest services fraud, will begin serving her 14-day sentence on October 25. Meanwhile, high school seniors are starting to fill out their college applications for next year.
According to the Globe, some actors turned down offers to be in The College Admissions Scandal, because they were friends with Loughlin or Huffman. Lifetime also avoided making the two families at the center of the movie thinly veiled versions of those famous families — whether that's for legal purposes or out of good will, we'll never know.
But if what you're looking for is a dramatized explanation of how this scandal went down, and what could possibly have led parents to make such an insane decision (spending such massive amounts of money) for their kids, you will get your wish. Here's a rundown of the real-life players in the scam and their on-screen semi-counterparts.

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