Thanks To Chance The Rapper, Spicy Chicken Nuggets Are Back At Wendy's

We’ve always known Chance the Rapper to have that magic touch. It’s in the way he fangirls over Beyoncé in this video and how he slides into the verse on SZA’s “Child’s Play.” But us true believers have been holding out for the ultimate feat ever since the Chicago native tweeted about Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets in May.
He spelled it out with absolute intention: “Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nuggets.” And because Wendy’s is one of those especially fun-to-follow fast food chains, it stirred up a Twitter frenzy. The restaurant chain then challenged Twitter citizens to get their tweet to get to two million likes in order to bring about the return of spicy nuggets.
Today, we’ve learned that Wendy’s is not just making our spicy nugget dreams come true, but also giving away two million of them. The nuggets returned to Wendy’s menus nationwide today and if you order through DoorDash and use the code SPICYNUGGS at checkout, your six-count spicy nuggets are free.
Also, the thread is still on Twitter and full gems, like when someone called Crispy Concords asked “am i the only one who prefers the regular nuggets” and Chance replied, “Literally the only one.”
After years of making history with mixtapes and features, Chance the Rapper dropped his debut album, “The Big Day” just a few weeks ago. Perhaps the best way to celebrate is by using the code SPICYNUGGS and enjoying what’s left of the summer.

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