For Just One Day, The Guac Is Free At Chipotle on National Avocado Day

We live in a time of avocado and oat milk shortages. While Caribbean, Central American and West African cuisines have always included a few slices of avocado here and there, only in America do we scoop it in such copious amounts. While Oatly somehow managed to build a new plant in New Jersey overnight, it’s not as easy to plant avocado groves. And despite what the abundance of avocado-growing kits on Amazon might suggest, they’re actually very hard to grow at home.
Like oat milk, we’ve always known and accepted that avocado will never be cheap and will always cost a premium. At Chipotle the guac infamously costs extra, while at Qdoba, the guac is always free. But today we’ve leveled the playing field. In honor of National Avocado Day, Chipotle’s guac is on the house when you order an entrée online or on the app.
You might call our obsession with all these health-conscious yet seemingly unattainable food items the apotheosis of our generation’s ridiculous dietary quirks. I just think we’re well-fed and know what’s good for us. The brunch boom and the ensuing avocado toast craze are partially to blame for the fruit’s (yes, avocados are fruits) popularity. But we can also blame the the burrito boom, in big part brought about by Chipotle. Burritos the size of a newborn require a proportional serving of guac. And while we’ll always pay extra, and then some more, it’s nice to have a freebie once in a while.

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