Cheez-It & House Wine Team Up To Validate Our Laziest, Tastiest Snacking Habit

We all have those lazy days (years) when the most effort we want to make in our snack prep is to twist open a bottle or box of wine, pour a glass, and eat crackers straight from the box. Cutting cheese is just one step too many, so elevating this pairing with Cheez-Its is just about brilliant. Apparently, Cheez-Its manufacturer Kellogg's took note of this common improvisation, and now they've paired up with House Wine to make an all-in-one wine and cheese cracker box.
Half the box contains 100 oz. of House Wine Red (a blend of 50% cabernet sauvignon and 50% merlot), and half is a giant box of original flavor Cheez-Its. This package of fun will be available starting July 25 for a limited time at for $25.
"Many of our fans were already exploring pairing different wines with Cheez-It," Kellogg's U.S. Snacks division senior marketing director Jeff Delonis said in a press release.
This "exploring" has taken place in the form of people sharing their indulgence via slightly guilty social media posts as well as the higher-brow form of food and wine writers actually selecting appropriate pairings. Grub Street decided last year that white Rioja is the absolute best for its "singed-fruit character" and "slight acidity."
But a white wine requires that extra step of refrigeration, whereas you can grab this combo box and pop it open as-is in your living room or on a picnic with friends. It seems pretty ideal for a summer outdoor concert, too, if you can get it past security. If not, you're going to have to ditch the box and go the old-fashioned route: boxed wine poured into metal water bottles. Classiness is a state of mind.

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