That Stranger Things Season 3 End Credits Scene Opens Up A Whole New Can O' Worms

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Warning: There are major Stranger Things spoilers ahead, so if you haven't watched season 3, turn back now.
Nowadays, every single movie and series seems to have an end credits scene, and Stranger Things season 3 is no exception. The final episode appears to end, but then boom: We get a very heavy tease of what's coming in Stranger Things season 4. Sure, it might be Fourth of July weekend, but hopefully, you packed your snowsuit, because it looks like we’re going to Russia.
Stranger Things' Russians are the big bad guys of the new season, but what exactly they want is still unclear by the end of the whole ordeal. The mysterious group of comrades has invaded Hawkins and set up a secret underground facility where they’re running experiments to try and re-open the gate to the Upside Down (and are using some sort of green goo to make it happen). From what we can tell they’ve been working under the town for a few months now, if not longer, and their experiments are so close to actually coming to fruition.
But then Hopper (David Harbour) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Co. mess everything up, stopping the Russians’ experiments and seemingly destroying the base. However, as the post credit scene teases — and as Dr. Alexei told us while drinking a Slurpee — it’s not the only secret base working at cracking the Upside Down.
The Post Credit Scene
Welcome to Kamchatka, Russia. The date is conspicuously missing (the opening scene of the show was dated, and then indicated a one-year time jump) so who knows when we’re actually visiting Russia during this beautiful time of the year. It’s snowing! Raise your hand if you fell for the Upside Down fake-out when the snow started to fall!
This Russian base isn’t as high tech and fancy as the one we left behind in Hawkins, and they’ve also got prisoners trapped in solitary confinement. One of them is an American, and honestly, the American could be literally anyone (fingers crossed it's Hopper, though!). Instead of pulling the American out, the Russians take another Russian prisoner and drag him into a cage (it kinda looks like the same technician who was working with Dr. Alexei at the beginning of the season, but that’s unconfirmed).
The Demogorgon
Demogorgons surprisingly do not make an appearance during Season 3. That is until we find ourselves in Russia. In this cage, the Russian prisoner is attacked by a Demogorgon who is apparently being kept prisoner as well. The season officially ends as soon as the Demogorgon goes in for a bite.
What Are The Russians Doing?
Right off the bat, they’re clearly raising their own demogorgons. How many do they have and what are they planning to do with them?
On top of that, why are the Russians trying to get into the Upside Down? That’s never explained during season 3, but we know they want to get into it so badly. The first time we see them trying to open the gate, the Mind Flayer almost makes its way through to the other side, and no one flinches. It appears as if they know what monsters are lurking on the other side and are okay with them coming into our world.
What Is That Green Goo?
As Steve (Joe Keery), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Robin (Maya Hawke), and Erica (Priah Ferguson) learn the hard way, the Russians are shipping in neon green go and storing it at the Starcourt Mall. After the kids break a container, they learn that the goo is radioactive and that it completely disintegrates the floor. The goo also runs the machine that they’ve built to open the Upside Down and they need a lot of it.
Will The Russians Be In Season 4?
Uh, you bet. While they might not be the main focus of the season they’re going to continue to play a part of the series going forward. Maybe by the time season 4 rolls around, all the kids will learn how to speak and translate Russian, so all the heavy lifting won't fall on season 3 MVP Robin.

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