This Is Exactly How You Should Binge Stranger Things This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
We're entering uncharted Stranger Things territory tomorrow when season 3 of the Netflix show drops on July 4 instead of its traditional Halloween release. Typically, the show is the perfect excuse to stay inside as the months get colder, but in the dead of summer, it can be harder to pull yourself away from the BBQs and parties, even with the promise of Steve Harrington in a sailor costume. David Harbour feels that struggle. The actor, who brings Jim Hopper to life on screen, spoke to Mashable about the upcoming episodes, and he recommends a specific binging plan.
"I think you can watch episodes 1, 2, and 3 at a more leisurely pace," he told the outlet. "But once you hit 4, I think you're in for a five-hour evening."
While of course the beginning of the season is important, Harbour says "the way that episode 4 rolls out into episode 8 is so beautiful, and I really could not stop. I mean, I was up until four o'clock in the morning. It was a nightmare."
The good news, then, is you can definitely catch an episode here and there in between your patriotic celebrations without feeling like you're missing out. However, when the fireworks are over and the last of the hamburgers have been grilled, bid farewell to your compatriots and settle in for a night of Netflix.
"It makes the finale all the stronger to see," Harbour mused. "The story really kicks in, for once we really see what we're dealing with, you see this whole dance, and then the finale just hits you in the face."
The unfortunate thing about this Fourth of July is even if you stay up late watching Stranger Things, you still have to trudge into work on Friday. Luckily, everyone else in your office will have been up late watching it, too.

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