Why Doesn't The Hills Cast Ever Mention Lauren Conrad On New Beginnings?

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When The Hills reboot was first announced, fans immediately had to make peace with the fact that Lauren Conrad wouldn’t be returning. But now that the show is officially airing on MTV, it is a little weird that the cast doesn’t mention her at all — after all, she was the star of the original series, and a big part of a lot of the cast members’ lives. So does this mean that they’ve all moved on without her, or is Conrad still friends with any of The Hills cast?
At this point, it doesn’t seem like it. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in June, Audrina Patridge revealed that, despite their close friendship in their early 20s, Conrad hasn’t spoken to anyone from The Hills since she left the original series. Brody Jenner also added that he and Conrad hadn’t spoken in “quite some time,” so it seems like she’s really moved on from that part of her life.
In fact, the only person who still seems to be in touch with her is Frankie Delgado, who said in the same ET interview that she and his wife, Jennifer Acosta, are still friends.
"Lauren's a really close friend of Jennifer's. She's a sweetheart,” Frankie said at the time. “I think she wants what's best for us. I think she's that kind of person. She wishes me the best. I don't think she has anything against the show. I think... she's moved on to bigger and better things."
And just in case you’re wondering about the status of Conrad and Heidi Montag’s friendship, did they ever make up? The answer to that question is a resounding “hell no.” In March, Montag told Cosmopolitan that although she thought she and Conrad might be able to be close again someday, it just never happened — not even after Conrad finally worked up the nerve to see her old BFF marry Spencer Pratt in her last episode before leaving the show for good.
“Sometimes things happen that will change how you feel about people, and sometimes it’s very permanent,” Montag said. “I thought with Lauren and me, we would’ve been friends again.”
If Conrad isn’t in most of the cast members’ lives, it makes sense that they aren’t bringing her up. And it’s hard to blame her for not wanting to be on the show with a group she doesn't speak to anymore, especially given the fact that she’s wrapped up in so many other projects these days, like her Kohl’s fashion line, her new podcast, Asking For A Friend, and she and husband William Tell are expecting their second child this year. It really does seem like everything worked out for the best for everyone involved.
As iconic as Conrad’s era of The Hills was, New Beginnings seems to be holding its own without her — at least, so far. Who knows? Maybe she’ll end up on future seasons of the show… but for now, it seems like she’s closed that chapter of her life for good.

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