Meet The Cast Of The Most Modern Real World Yet

On June 13 at 12pm, we'll meet the cast of the latest season of MTV's Real World. The 33rd season includes a DACA dreamer and teen mom, a Black pansexual Trump supporter, a guy who's just leaving his family farm – and a lot of opportunity for culture clashes.
MTV's long-running show The Real World is headed to Atlanta — and to 2019. The show's 33rd season will be released differently than ever before. Instead of episodes mingled among the Real World re-runs on MTV, this new season will unroll in on Facebook Watch, with short "story drop" segments that lead up to episodes on Thursdays. The Real World's new seasons in Thailand and Mexico (for MTV Thailand and MTV Mexico, respectively, and both running concurrently) will also have Watch pages.
The Real World, which first premiered in 1992 and laid the blueprint for much of today's reality TV landscape, has never been much like the actual real world. People aren't randomly handed luxurious homes for free, or afforded tons of time to lounge. Even more rarely, though, are seven people from radically different walks of life forced to live together while the cameras roll.
So The Real World might not be like the real world, but with its 33rd season, it's trying to keep up with the times. Here's the cast.

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