Here's What Zendaya Orders On Postmates

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I, personally, still haven’t forgiven Zendaya for making me watch her bite into ice cream like it’s an apple. But the star of HBO’s Euphoria does deserve some credit: she gives ice cream its due respect. She keeps her favorite Haagen Daaz scoops on lock, literally. And on a cool January day in 2016, the former Shake It Up star had Postmates deliver three pints of ice cream (Caramel Cone, Rocky Road, and Mint Chip). That’s how it’s done.
Zendaya has been using Postmates since 2015. Postmates’ tell-all blog, The Receipt, gives us more insight into the young star’s Postmating habits. According to The Receipt, Zendaya has placed a total of 246 orders, had 833 items delivered, and used Postmates in 16 different cities since 2015. If you ever feel guilty about relying on Postmates too much, know that at her best, Zendaya once placed 10 orders in 2 days that’s about one order every five hours.
One time in 2016, the then-19-year-old skipped the drugstore run (and likely dodged the paparazzi) by ordering some essentials from the app: mascara, a foot file, body polish, cuticle nipper, gel polish (base, top, white).
At her most restrained, she ordered a single slice of pizza and a handful of garlic knots from Famous Famiglia Pizza. It’s all about balance, right?
Finally, on August 25, 2016 she ordered an omelette, Nutella french toast, and a strawberry-banana smoothie for breakfast; then for lunch, chicken teriyaki (for a friend) and fried rice with yellow curry for herself. For dinner, a cheesy gordita with nachos and a taco.
We know, it’s cruel to write a story like this right before lunch. But we have to know: What show do you think the starlet was binging?
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