How To Get A Free Chipotle Burrito During The NBA Playoffs (Even If You Hate Sports)

Follow Chipotle on Twitter right now. Don’t ask questions, I’ll explain everything later. In fact, set up notifications as well. Up to one million dollars worth of burritos are at stake.
Starting today and continuing every day until Monday 6/10 (with bonus dates on 6/13 and 6/16 if the series continues) Chipotle will be giving away free burritos to thousands of people.
Every time any of the on-air announcers in the 2019 Men’s Professional Basketball Championship Series (NBA Playoffs, for the laypeople), says the word “free,” Chipotle will tweet out a unique code. If you want a free burrito, all you have to do is find the code, and text it to 888222. Codes tweeted in the first half of each game will be valid for the first 500 people who text the number. Codes tweeted in the second half of the game will result in 1000 free burritos.
If this is too much math and too much work to put into a free burrito, then you’ll be happy to hear that there’s more. Chipotle will be partnering with DoorDash to offer you free delivery through the series, every day starting today through Sunday 6/19, as well as Monday 6/13 and Saturday 6/16 if the series continues. Free delivery will apply to all orders of $10 or more, placed through the Chipotle app, website or DoorDash.
So let’s review: Keep an eye on Chipotle’s Twitter for the codes, text the codes tout-suit to the 888222 number, redeem your free burrito. Alternatively, take advantage of the zeal for men’s basketball and get free delivery on an order of $10 or more. Got it? Break. Go team?

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