We Finally Have A (Fresh) New Kit Kat Flavor – After Almost A Decade

For almost a decade, milk chocolate Kit Kats have been the U.S. consumer’s only Kit Kat option. And while the old adage is true, “if it ain't broke, don’t fix it,” I take Kourtney Kardashian’s six-step Kit Kat-eating method as a clear sign that it was about time to shake things up a bit.
Finally, mint and dark chocolate have come along to break the spell. Today, Kit Kat announced that it will be introducing a new flavor, dubbed, Kit Kat Duos Mint and Dark Chocolate. But there’s a catch: You won’t actually be able to get a taste until December.
The new Kit Kats are not unlike those you’ve come to know and love. Except these come with an added layer of mint crème on top and a layer of dark chocolate on the bottom. In other words, it will be very hard for Kourtney Kardashian to peel these like a banana.
It’s worth noting that the world has seen green Kit Kats before. Nestlés’ green tea Kit Kat is all the rage in Japan and has a strong enough presence with online candy purveyors to prove its worldwide popularity. In fact, outside of the United States there are hundreds of Kit Kat flavors including, but not limited to: Matcha, Taro, Wasabi, Apple, and Cherry Blossom.
Kit Kat is nowhere near the first brand to give non-American consumers a first taste at their wildest and most experimental flavors. For example: Most of the English-speaking world (except for the U.S.) has access to Roast Chicken Lay’s potato chips. It took Ketchup chips a shamefully long amount of time to hit America’s shelves. And let’s not even get into Starbucks’ international menus. I guess a new Kit Kat flavor is something a country has to earn.

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