Is RHOBH Season 9 About To Be Lisa Vanderpump-less?

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Now that Lisa Vanderpump has had a major falling out with the rest of the women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where does the show go from here? It continues on with new drama, of course! But if you’re wondering what that means for Lisa Vanderpump popping up in RHOBH episodes during the rest of the season, LVP fans can still count on seeing her, Giggy in tow.
Tuesday night’s new episode really marked a turning point, and not just because at ten episodes in this literally about halfway through the season. The ”Still To Come On This Season” on RHOBH preview that is always teased midway through shows how the rest of the season will differ from the first half in a big way: Lisa’s pretty much on her own.
The promo shows Lisa in Las Vegas for the opening of her new Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. (This had to be a quick turnaround to have this featured in the clip, because it only opened two weeks ago.) It also shows Lisa at an event at her restaurant, Pump, that was held in support of India decriminalizing homosexuality. The other ladies are not shown at these events in the preview; although Camille Grammer was in Vegas to celebrate the opening of Vanderpump Cocktail Garden.
The only time the preview shows Lisa interacting with another cast member is when she meets up with Denise Richards. Denise tells her, “Those women still love you.” In response, Lisa says, “You don’t treat people you love like that.” In another clip, Kyle Richards notes that Lisa will “make herself the victim,” but we never see them cross paths.
Other than that, things totally move on and the rest of the preview is about group trips and brand new drama. There’s Camille vs. Dorit, Dorit vs. Teddy, Erika vs. Teddy and Kyle, and even Denise vs. Camille, which is very new because Denise has been pretty chill so far.
Outside of the preview, while we know from Tuesday’s episode that LVP didn’t attend Camille’s bridal shower, she also doesn’t end up attending her wedding. This is something Camille commented on. She told People in October, “I respect her decision. Lisa was very apologetic about it.”
While it’s strange to have half a season of Real Housewives where one of the Housewives doesn’t film with the others, this was to be expected based on what we knew going into the season. For one, Kyle has said that she hasn’t spoken to Lisa since their big fight at Villa Rosa, and since they were the closest friends on the cast, it’s no surprise that Lisa didn’t mend her relationships with the others, either (save, it seems, Camille). Also, there were reports long before the season started that said LVP filmed the whole season, but just filmed some of it on her own.
It will be interesting to see where things go from here and exactly how much Lisa pops up. While LVP has some very passionate fans, surely the priority will be put on the other women’s interactions. Don’t count Lisa out for next season yet, though. There’s still the reunion to come and as Lisa once said in her tagline, “Throw me to the wolves, and I shall return leading the pack.”

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