Today Is National Grilled Cheese Day — Here's Where You Can Get Deals & Freebies

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Bread and cheese is the indisputable winner in the Best Flavor Combo competition (with peanut butter and jelly and Oreos and milk winning honorable mentions). In Brazil, they bake the cheese into the bread. In Switzerland, they dip the bread into the cheese. Belgians pour the cheese over the bread with the help of a raclette. And in the United States, we have the grilled cheese, which is what we're celebrating today.
But before we party, we need to address the fact that melted cheese does not a grilled cheese sandwich make. This, for example, is not a "clobster grilled cheese sandwich" – it’s a crab, lobster, and cheese panini. If your sandwich has more than two non-cheese ingredients, I’m sorry to tell you, it 'aint a grilled cheese sandwich. But that’s okay, because all sandwiches are amazing.
Today, though, we put some respect on the grilled cheese sandwich’s name. Today, melty cheese is the star and there is only room for one or two supporting ingredients, max. Here are just a few places where you can honor the sanctity of bread-and-cheese.

The Deals & Freebies

The first 200 guests to line up outside Nashville, Tennessee’s Grilled Cheeserie food truck will get a free tri-colored grilled cheese sandwich with demerara-candied bacon. Five of those two hundred melts have hidden golden tickets with prizes like a year’s supply of grilled cheeses.
You don’t even have to leave the house for this deal: New York City’s Melt Shop is encouraging Instagram users to tag a loved one in desperate need of cheese in the comments of this post. Make sure you both follow Melt Shop! On Sunday, the winner will get a $100 gift card. Their Notorious CHZ is a triple decker monster that will be available for just $6.99 through the end of April.
Tom & Chee is known for it’s grilled cheese donut and today, you’re entitled to a free grilled cheese donut with any melt purchase.
If you’re in the East Coast, Arooga's is slicing the price of it’s grilled cheese sandwiches in half for 24-hours only for National Grilled Cheese Day.

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