Santa Clarita Diet Either Gave Us A Great Season 4 Set-Up… Or A Decent Series Finale

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
It’s been a long year since Netflix treated us to new episodes of Santa Clarita Diet, but Season 3 is finally here, and fans have finally gotten the chance to catch up with Joel and Sheila Hammond (and Mr. Ball Legs). But if you were so hungry for new episodes that you’ve already watched them all, you’re probably wondering if there will be a Santa Clarita Diet Season 4. Could this really be the end?
The ending of the third season definitely left us with a few questions, so more episodes are kind of necessary. Is Joel simply undead like Sheila now, or has he actually been taken over by Mr. Ball Legs, who crawled into his head? What’s up with the Knights of Serbia now that Joel & Sheila's friend have their own force for good? And what’s going to happen between Abby and Eric? Obviously, there are a lot of loose ends that could be easily tied up next season, and it would be a bummer if we didn’t get to find out what happens next.
Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t filled us in on what their decision is quite yet — but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad. Remember, Santa Clarita Diet’s second season premiered around this time last year, and the news that the show was renewed for Season 3 didn’t break until last May. There’s a pretty good chance that the powers that be at the streaming service will wait to see how well Season 4 performs over a few months before making a decision, so we could have a while to go before we know for sure what’s happening.
But if there isn’t a Season 4, the Season 3 finale is also easy enough to read as a happy ending, even though there are still a few lingering questions. It's possible that Joel is simply undead (regardless of what Mr. Ball Legs is up to in his head) and that’s good for him and Sheila, and fans of Abby and Eric couldn’t have asked for a better ending than the one they got. Obviously, another season would be way more preferable, but it’s good that the season ended with a cliffhanger that could be read either as a happy ending or a major game-changer, just in case the show isn’t renewed.
Fingers crossed that Netflix delivers some good news, but if not? At least we know that Joel and Sheila are likely living happily ever after as an undead couple, and that Abby at least has her shot at happiness with Eric, whatever that might mean for her. Your move, Netflix.

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