Queer Eye's Robert Hitchcock Visited His Fellow Heroes This Year

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Viewers watched the Fab Five get Robert Hitchcock ready for his wedding on Queer Eye and walk down the aisle with a renewed sense of self confidence. The father of three (including his step-daughter) spent much of the episode beating himself up with self-deprecating "jokes" until Karamo recorded him and played back how he was treating himself. It was a game-changing moment on the episode, and Robert said now, after Queer Eye, it's still one of his biggest takeaways from doing the show.
"What you say about yourself out loud … is never what [people] actually truthfully think of you," he says to Refinery29 via email. Karamo helped show Robert that he was a strong man and father who was funny and caring and so many positive things that other people saw in Robert, but that he just hadn't been seeing in himself.
By the end of the episode, Robert said "I do" to his partner Jamie in a sweet ceremony where you could tell he was brimming with confidence from a week spent with the Fab Five. Robert's wedding website shows that the episode took place back in September of 2018, so he's been settled into his newlywed life for about six months now. His Facebook bio sweetly brags about how much he loves his family. "I am a husband to the most amazing woman ever. I am also a father to three of the coolest kids," he wrote along with a heart-eyes emoji.
Recently he's been promoting the show on his Facebook page, where both he and his friends are excited to see his episode come to life. "March 15 is going to be amazing," he said in a post, referring to the show's premiere date. In another post, he told his friends he's interested in meeting the show's other heroes since they all live in the Kansas City area. It's quite an experience to go through, being on this show, and they'll likely be able to relate in ways maybe Robert's regular friends can't.
It seems that Robert's already making that wish come true. In early March he posted some photos of himself at the Jones sisters' barbecue restaurant, which still looks great post-Bobby Berk makeover. He also posed for a photo with Deborah Jones, one of the sisters. In the photo, Robert has a big smile as he stands tall in his new wardrobe, his mustache groomed the way Jonathan showed him. Deborah is beaming too, standing at her barbecue grill.
Robert's LinkedIn shows that he's still a registered psychiatric nurse for mentally ill patients, a tough gig to say the least. At his job, he says he tries, to the "best of my ability, to talk to anyone without reservations and hopefully help them through an extremely rough time in their life." He's sort of the Karamo of the psychiatric nursing world.
When he's not working or hanging out with other heroes from the show, Robert says he's just "enjoying life" with his little family. "Kansas City has so much to offer to keep things interesting," he adds. And now he has the potential for a whole new set of friends in the area who know exactly what it's like to be made over by the Fab Five.

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